About Wesleys

We are a hub for the whole community of Baildon, welcoming and providing space for a wide range of activities for all ages.

1 We encourage people of different ages and backgrounds to learn from each other and share in being active members of the community..

2 We recognise that everyone, no matter what age or ability, has something to contribute to helping make Baildon an even better place to live.

3 In all that we do we aim to use as little energy as possible, creating as little waste as possible. We aim to leave the world a better place for everyone’s children and grandchildren.

4 We work in partnership with other Churches, organisations and businesses that share our values and vision.

Caring for the environment

Our church has been awarded Eco Congregation status every year since 2008.
Nearly all our lighting is now LED, and much brighter than it used to be. We generate 3500KWh per year of solar electricity. All the electricity that we import is generated from sustainable sources (purchased from Ecotricity).

We are phasing out polluting gas heating in favour of Far-Infra-Red panels, which are doing a better job. We constantly monitor all utilities and have records going back to 2008. Our aim is to reduce the burden that our activities place on the ecosystem of the earth.