Some amazing fundraising!

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How thrilled were we when two of the builders working on The Fold said they would raise money for our project by canoeing the length of the Leeds/Liverpool canal!

They hope to complete it non-stop in less than 36 hours on 25th and 26th May. That’s 126 miles!

Here’s what they said about their fundraising:

“I am Alec and James is my son. We are builders working for Paul Smith & Co of Rochdale, we live in Littleborough. Just now we are building a new youth wing for Baildon Methodist Church. It’s called The Fold. It’s the tightest I have ever built; PassivHaus standard. We are proud to be building something for future generations to use, and it will cost them almost nowt to run.”

“The Church has raised £900,000 so far out of a cost of £1.1m. So we are aiming to canoe the length of the Leeds-Liverpool canal non-stop in about 30 hours over the weekend of 25th and 26th May. It is 126 miles. We are doing it East to West because that’s downhill. We’ll be back at work on 27th however much our arms ache. So, come on, do your bit, every little helps, but give as much as you can, at least until your credit card aches as much as my arms will!”

You can sponsor these 2 amazing men at Virgin Giving by clicking here. Thank you Alec and James!