Our plans for the future

With demand and needs growing, we have developed a strategy for sustainable growth.
This strategy is underpinned by a £1.95m, three phase buildings transformation programme, known as 'The BIG Project' (Buildings Improvement for Growth). The BIG Project will enable us to make key changes and improvements to our buildings estate in the heart of Baildon. Examples of some of the project's goals include:

1 Replacing the single story 1950’s temporary Marley Hut building with a two storey, very low energy consumption building, allowing Baildon Village Pre School to double the number of sessions they offer.

2 Modernising the cafe and kitchen, increasing cafe seating by 80%, extending budget hot meal provision from 350 to 500 per week as well as introducing hot, freshly cooked lunches for all Baildon Pre School children.

3 Reducing energy consumption to 40% of 2009 levels and generate at least half of those future energy needs from on site renewable sources – thus slashing our ‘net’ energy bills to at least 15% of 2009 levels.

4 Creating facilities and storage to support new groups and transforming access for people with mobility difficulties, wheelchairs and children’s buggies/prams..

What will happen when?

The BIG Project is split into three phases of activity, which we will build once the funds to secure each phase of completion are raised. These are:

1 To entirely replace the existing single storey Marley Hut with a new, PassivHaus construction two storey building, with the ground floor dedicated to use by the Baildon Village Pre School and the top floor available to other community groups.

2 To modernise and substantially extend our Wesleys building, giving it the facilities and space to be even more welcoming to all parts of our community. No longer will people turn away because they can’t get in or get a seat!

3 To renovate the wider buildings, expanding capacity, upgrading access and transforming their energy efficiency, making them more sustainable and dealing with matters that would otherwise become a material revenue cost burden.

Find out more

You can find out much more, including details of how fundraising is going and how you can help, by visiting the website of Baildon Methodist Church.